Bindweed is a husband (Ralph) and wife (Jeriann) cutflower farming team in Southeast Idaho, a summer occupation that supports the owners' winter habits of writing (his) and painting (hers).

Growing nearly ninety species of perennial and annual flowers on five acres, Bindweed supplies local designers with a greater variety of product than distant shippers can provide, and the farm's proximity to its customers means fresher, undamaged flowers.

From March to September, Jeriann delivers high-grade flowers to world-class, cutting-edge designers in Jackson, Wyoming and Idaho's Sun Valley area, each two hours away from the farm. As a watercolorist who knows and teaches design, composition and color, her efforts translate smoothly into three dimensional flower design work, and she sees trends before they happen and directs the farm's planting choices accordingly.

Ralph, the beast of the operation complementing Jeriann's role as its beauty, does the bulk of the farm's physical labor of planting, weeding, and irrigating. He will cut more than a quarter million flowers before the farm shuts down in late September, after which he can only be seen at local libraries and coffeeshops. Then, after a winter of contemplation and nonfiction writing, he switches again from mind to body when he turns the greenhouse heat on in early February in order to give 35,000 tulips a headstart on their outdoor counterparts.

The Bindweed Farm website includes samples of Ralph's writing, Jeriann's art and flower design work, and a regularly updated description of current goings-on. Customers can also find the current availability list. Contact Ralph, Jeriann or both for further information.